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In autumn 2019 Jonas David went to Sicily to defeat a giant. For several years the singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer had written countless songs and song fragments, but the time was not ripe for an album. Which sound could it be? What is the right way to work - and how does all this fit in with the current state of the music industry? Questions that could not be answered so easily. The first attempts at a production led nowhere, and soon Jonas didn't know how an unscathed record could emerge from all this thinking. That's when the next album became Goliath, a seemingly invincible giant.

And so Jonas decided to wait for the right moment. There was enough to do anyway. His last album, "Keep The Times" from 2011, carried him 600 concerts. And then there were all those collaborations, especially with the musicians' collective Tour of Tours, which led to several acclaimed tours and two albums together so far. For his friend, the german actor and director Matthias Schweighöfer, Jonas produced some songs and contributed score for several movies. Even an EP with some new songs was produced ("Five Stones", 2017). Jonas David was not inactive. And what does it mean at all, to be inactive, when you sharpen the idea of your own music, when you face the voices in your head and try to find your own sound and expression.

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